Conjunto Garcias.

Camilo Garcia (Director & Manager)

Cell: 321-594-3541 o 407-574-7528


Come listen to the sounds of the Conjunto Garcias and be instantly transported to the legendary warm Caribbean by their smooth Latino sound.

The Conjunto Garcias was conceived out of a father’s love for the traditional melodies and rhythms of his homeland which he shares with his sons, Marcos and Camilo.

Carlos Garcia, the patriarch of the group, began singing at the tender age of 7 in the local church choir.  A graduate of the Conservatorio de Camaguey, he has developed his own signature sound.  His romantic voice envelopes you in the warm tones and rhythms of his heritage.

Marcos Antonio Garcia, the eldest son of Carlos is the groups arranger, composer, and musical director.  He is a graduate of the Vocation School for Artistic Children in Cuba where he studied trumpet and piano.  A veteran of the stage since age 9, he has developed his own unique style and interpretation of his Latino heritage.

Camilo Garcia, Carlos’ youngest son, was privately tutored from 10 years of age in piano and general percussion.  Since coming to the United States, he has continued to develop his own diversified percussion style ranging from the smooth flow of Jazz to the upbeat rhythm of Salsa.

The common denominator for this trio is their love and respect of tropical Latino sound of their heritage.

The magical sounds of the Conjunto Garcias can immediately envelope you in the warm Caribbean sound whether they are entertaining a small dinner crowd or inspiring people to dance the night away in a local night club.  Their extensive repertoire includes such diverse styles as the smooth sounds of Boleros, to Cha Cha Cha,  Son, Meregues,  to the pounding rhythm of Salsa.  Regardless of the style, the audience will feel like they are part of the music and will join the Conjunto Garcias in sharing an intimate moment of tropical magic.

Vocal & Minor Percussion
Drum Set, Timabales



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